De esas cenizas, fénix nuevo espera;

Mas con tus labios quedn vergonzosos
(que no compiten flores a rubíes)
y pálidos, después, de temerosos.

Y cuando con relámpagos te ríes,
de púrpura, cobardes, si ambiciosos,
marchitan sus blasones carmesíes.

Francisco de Quevedo

viernes, 22 de enero de 2016

First Novel: Necromancy

(Also avaliable on the full spanish/english version)

After years of struggle and trial and error, this cycle, 2016, seems to be the one in which all my efforts will come to fruitition: I will publish my first novel ever, called NECROMANCY, THE FIRST ERA. This is set on the fantasy continent of Úrim, in which 5 races converge: The average humans, orcs, elves, dwarves and giants. This world is divided in 5 Eras: the prehistory (unknown, but whispered, echoed through eternity) and 4 great Eras after the first one. This particular novel begins on cycle (year) 1 of the First Era, is narrated by an old man named Baltasar al-Sarrás, and tells how the magic was discovered by each race and how necromancers waged war upon Pangea-Úrim.

Now, of course a novel of such epic aims is based and inspired on several fantasy worlds, which include Tolkient's TLOTR, Rothfuss' Name of the Wind, and World of Warcraft. I hope, and hope only, that even those bases become overshadowed by myths of all cultures and epochs and man's history itself. I tell me sometimes that The Great Void (This wold be the name of the saga) is another way to experience history; an experiment of how would some events play, were they set on different conditions, landscapes and eras.

This is the description to appear on Amazon:

"The megacontinent of Úrim, or Pangea-Úrim, as was named by the Úrimacs (Tentative, not a translator myself), possesses a long war history filled with magic and blood. Most of those wars have been forgotten; others, forced into oblivion. Few of its living inhabitants remeber the names of the giant Gilgamesh or the Orc Emperor Alzamag, founder of the Empire of Utgard."

From the southern desert, the Sharran, to the polar climates of the north, in Eisgrind, where dwarves still mourn the loss of the millenial city of Bael-Ungor, the First Era of Úrim is scarred by the gods and their dissapearence. In their despair, the úrimacs turn to necromancy looking for guide and councel. The races of the continent will be forced to live in harmony or face their ultimate doom."

In this land, as I have mentioned before, several schools of magic, including necromancy, will be brought to life.

Expect this book to arrive to the Amazon Kindle store soon!

(By the way, the first edition of NECROMANCY will be available in Spanish only. I hope it will catch some editor's eye so it can be translated to english as soon as possible!)

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